Masterpiece “Spoothies”

Masterpiece Green Spoothie with Mango and Macadamia

Masterpiece Green Spoothie with Mango and Macadamia

Spoothies” are smoothies eaten with a spoon instead of drunk from a glass. We naturally eat with our eyes first, and we are what we eat.  Make it happy, and we are! The recipes in this section of TO LIVE FOR! will show you how to creatively present whole, cut and blended fresh food in a bowl or parfait glass… to form truly vibrant beauty that naturally energizes and makes us realize self-love and our connection to Source and Nature! Make it effortless to look forward to a raw food meal and inspired to enjoy a healthy track every day. Spoothies also provide you something to chew on,  which smoothies in a glass don’t do. Blend or cut any way you like so you enjoy your food, feel full and energized, and sustained throughout the day with a rich absorption of nutrients.

Use the Masterpiece Spoothie, sweet or savory, to conquer weight loss and cravings, and keep a cleansing going steadily with a minimum of detox discomfort. Make it as a whole breakfast, mid-day meal, light supper, soup, dessert, or even a dip.

Ideal for school/work lunches… Bring a base puree in a sealed container and provide cut fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, sprouts to sprinkle on. Beware you might have to bring enough to share because everyone will want what you got!

No more green, awful smelling goo in a glass that turns up noses to drink!  In just a few minutes of preparation with an unlimited imagination, transform simple, wild or exotic whole fruits, leafy greens, nuts, herbs, and even edible flowers on a thickened blended base to create a work of art that everyone of any age can enjoy every day. What a real Rawnaissance that You created to accomplish your health goals, sustain a plant-based diet, and take care of our planet!

Viva la Raw!

Masterpiece "Spoothies"

What's a "Spoothie"? Invented by Living Foods Chef Eric Rivkin, they are easy-to-make smoothies you eat with a spoon! This album contains pictures of masterpieces anyone can make guided by the Spoothie section in the international hit TO LIVE FOR! low fat raw recipe book. Interns, guests, and their children at Jewel of the Sun where the Spoothie was born, were all inspired to eat these delight-filled low fat raw meals they were proud and supported to make at home. Get creative or let everyone build their own from a Spoothie Smorgasbord. The spoonabilities are endless!