What’s new and natural at La Joya del Sol – your jungle playground!

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Rock, face, and body painting at the creek - More than 10 colors are found in clay pebbles in the creekbed. This snake masterpiece was created by Elisabeth Timpone, artist and intern from NY. Children and adults express themselves body painting from colorful, non-toxic creekbed clays.

Rock painted snake



































And we opened a path to another natural  cool pool  along the Green marked waterfall trail. We’ve spotted monkeys, kinkajous, lots of exotic flowers, birds and butterflies. Pool is entirely spring water fed with a gentle cascade. Can hold a large group of 10 or more. Easy in & out, no climbing. Great place to picnic in tranquil rainforest seclusion. Easy to find 10 minutes from campsites.

Cool Pool
















Natural SPA DAY! Natural skin cleansing, exfoliation, and smoothing with pure clay/gravel fines rubbed on.  Relax in an invigorating  natural jacuzzi, millions of oxygen-rich bubbles every second. Enjoy an incredible hydro-massage!

























The Green rainforest trail continues upstream along the scenic jungle creek to magnificent waterfalls and more cool pools at the power station, this time in rainy season glory.


Wild Bananas that Peel Themselves?

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Nature shows off its amazing abilities at Jewel of the Sun. A wild lemony-flavored banana actually peels back its skin when its perfectly ripe for humans to eat! Just lift out the flesh and indulge. Discover how many indigenous and exotic wild plant foods (“view post” below)  are essential, and practical in our daily diet. Simply Loving Living Life! All the following are growing at the farm….

Wild Banana that peels itself for you!

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Watermelon Wedding Cake – Is it Possible?

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Of course! Featured at Fred Patenaude’s low fat raw wedding, catered by Jewel of the Sun’s chef Eric Rivkin and created with the amazing skills of Chef Fateh at the Waterfall Villas. Become an inspired NUTRITARIAN with Chef Eric’s expert guidance! Imagine…Simple yet exquisite recipes from all, whole, fresh, wild, local, organic foods you can learn, to make yourself healthier than ever!

Click “view post” below to see more beautifully healthy dishes…

MARRY your food journey to optimal health, energy, and longevity, with creative recipes like this in Chef Eric’s recipe book TO LIVE FOR! Over 400 delicious recipes with over 150 luscious photos FREE on line, and FREE email assistance. To order, click HERE.

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Fully Reconnect with Nature and Self

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Feel how healthy and vibrant it is to fully immerse in a rejuvenating, natural environment.

Clean, spring water is a messenger of Divine Knowledge… Click on “view post” to see how people at Jewel of the Sun joyfully interact with water’s peaceful, energizing delivery….

Life and Happiness

Hydro-massage at its best – Selected muscles just as you like it, with a billion bubbles of oxygen infusing you with life force energy