The mission of the Viva La Raw Project is to provide education and support for sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just, plant-based, nutrition-rich lifestyles, supporting scientific research and creative initiatives that respect and enhance the quality of all life on Earth.

Full-on immersion education in nature and “being the change” through living by example, serves to awaken, inspire and create action to make better conscious choices. Skills, knowledge, and experiences of a healthy plant-based lifestyle are shared directly many ways:

Internal farm participant

Event-sponsored participant

Visiting as a guest

Living as a ongoing resident, work-trader, or event leader.

The Viva La Raw Project is an educational initiative based in, and an integral part of, the organic permaculture farm of Jewel of the Sun (La Joya del Sol), established in 2005, nestled in 67 hectares of Costa Rica’s South Pacific coastal mountains. Amidst lush rainforests with wild and beautiful creatures, pure spring water, private waterfalls and natural pools, breathtaking mountain scenery, and abundant organic orchards and gardens, the experience of living and learning a natural, beautiful, whole-food-plant-based way of life is best accomplished.

The pristine tropical rainforest environment at La Joya del Sol enlivens the senses, helps calm and heal, nourish and strengthen the body, and brings us more personally and collectively connected.

People attracted here are driven by a freedom of spirit, pursuit of true health and happiness,  inspiration from nature, heart-centered co-operation, creativity and expression through art, music, dance, crafts, eco-building, restoration / conservation of the environment, and connection to our divine roots and arising new culture.

Further inspiration by ancient, highly-aware cultures include the practical philosophies of life expressed in the books of Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars of Russia.