Living Healing

Ophir healing massage

Living healing at La Joya del Sol includes:

  • Acupuncture (TCM)
  • Esoteric Acupuncture – a journey into higher consciousness
  • Medicinal Massage therapy – Shiatsu / Tuina / Acupressure / Remedial
  • Reiki
  • Energy healing – Qi gong, opening & clearing energy blocks from the body
  • Tai chi Chuan – Meditation in Motion
  • Qi-gong – Energy exercise. Boost Kidneys function.
  • Life style consultation – Taoist based ( 5 Elements )
  • Soul Journey / Shamanic Journey


  • Our main healer and therapist, Ophir Biran

Ophir Biran

  • Background: Ophir has began his healing journey about 17 years ago, with the practice of Tai chi – the internal martial art that based on the philosophy of Chinese medicine, Yin & Yang. He continued to explore Asian healing modalities, such as Korean hand therapy, Japanese Reiki, Traditional Thai massage and Acupuncture in various styles (Chinese-Jap-Kor) that bland into his unique and non-painful technique.
  • Ophir takes each person as an individual and distinctive case, when it comes to disorders of Body or Mind.
    The essence of Acupuncture, according to Ophir, is to restore balance in the body- in the physical, emotional and mental levels.
    Sometimes Ophir refers to Acupuncture as re-programming of the body to return to its natural and harmonized state, because “A healthy mind needs a healthy body to dwell in”.
    Ophir approach to treatment is holistic- he combines food advice from Chinese Med. perspective, opening and releasing massage and Acupuncture/Acupressure to client’s needs. He will at times add Reiki to the treatment and will recommend a stretching exercise or a simple Qi-gong step. Ophir also works with guided meditation to reveal old traumas (soul wounds) and recover them. Influencing past events can change the present and future into a better one!

Ophir Often travels the world for seminars and workshops.

Wu Gi Qi Gong

Wu Gi Qi Gong

Ophir Biran Workshop Tai chi

Seminars and Workshops of Tai Chi and Qi Gong are available in our Farm or by reservations.

Ophir biran Tai chi

Ophir Combines a unique style of Yogi stretches Qi gong breathing and Tai Chi Movements, in his lessons.

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