TO LIVE FOR! Recipe Book


A compilation of over 450 Living Foods Recipes for Radiant Health by Chef Eric Rivkin supports a lower fat, mainly raw & healthy-heated plant-based vegan lifestyle to help make your health journey a success! All delicious, creative, simple and gourmet recipes for the novice or professional, that make plant-based foods fun, beautiful, and beneficial for health, environment and all living beings.

With purchase you also get:
PROMPT EMAIL ASSISTANCE regarding recipes and preparation. The hardcopy is spiral bound for easy use, with a heavy duty laminated cover and back.

FREE RECIPE PHOTO GALLERIES — Both hardcopy and E-book editions are currently text-only, with stunning companion recipe photo galleries you can select from the menu bar above, or from the links below.

The Bookstand price in Costa Rica is $35 USD

The Hardcopy version mailed to anywhere in the western hemisphere is $40 USD,  Price includes all fees, handling and shipping by postal service  Elsewhere – Please inquire for shipping quotation to

The E-book version is $25 USD, and emailed immediately upon receipt.

To order, use Paypal to For the hardcopy, please allow 10-20 days by mail (western hemisphere) and include your mailing address.

Proceeds support the education mission of the Viva La Raw Project

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Seaweed Salad
Sunnie sprout love frequency
Tomato terrine microgreen salad
Wild greens and casserole