A compilation of over 450 Living Foods Recipes for Radiant Health by Chef Eric Rivkin supports a lower fat plant-based lifestyle to help make your health journey a success! All delicious, creative, simple and gourmet recipes for the novice or professional, that make living foods fun, sustainable and beautiful.

TO LIVE FOR! has many unique features not found elsewhere…. 1) A comprehensive index that allows you to find recipes based on ethnic culture, main ingredient, or recipe type (fondue, ice cream, etc.);  2) A table of contents by recipe title and recipe type;  3) A world’s first – a HOT RAW designation for dozens of recipes which can be heated without losing nutrition.

With purchase you also get:
FREE EMAIL ASSISTANCE regarding recipes and preparation.

FREE RECIPE PHOTO GALLERIES — Both hardcopy and E-book editions are currently text-only to reduce paper and pollution, with stunning companion recipe photo galleries you can select from the menu bar above, or from the links below.

The Hardcopy version is spiral bound for easy use, with a laminated cover and back. Price includes currency exchange fees, Paypal fee, taxes, tracking fee, handling, packaging, shipping by postal service to North, Central, & South America – $40 USD, Elsewhere – $45 USD.

The E-book version is $30 USD.

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Proceeds support the education mission of the Viva La Raw Project, a non-profit 501(c)3 charity of United Charitable Programs

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Pictures of dessert recipes in the TO LIVE FOR! recipe book.

Wild Tropical Fruit Torte

Masterpiece "Spoothies"

What's a "Spoothie"? Invented by Living Foods Chef Eric Rivkin, they are easy-to-make smoothies you eat with a spoon! This album contains pictures of masterpieces anyone can make guided by the Spoothie section in the international hit TO LIVE FOR! low fat raw recipe book. Interns, guests, and their children at Jewel of the Sun where the Spoothie was born, were all inspired to eat these delight-filled low fat raw meals they were proud and supported to make at home. Get creative or let everyone build their own from a Spoothie Smorgasbord. The spoonabilities are endless!

Creating morning spoothies

Beverages, Juices, Nut Milks, Elixirs

Pictures of beverage recipes in the TO LIVE FOR! recipe book.

Banana, dragonfruit, noni smoothie


Pictures of soup recipes in the TO LIVE FOR! recipe book.

Berry cheesy soup

Dips, Pestos, Pates, Salsas

Pictures of Dips, Pestos, Pates, Salsas recipes in the TO LIVE FOR! recipe book.

Wild coconut sprout slice, guacemole

Dressings, Sauces, Marinades

Pictures of Dressings, Sauces, Marinades recipes in the TO LIVE FOR! recipe book.

Tamarind sauce

Nut and Noni Cheeses

Pictures of Nut and Noni Cheeses recipes in the TO LIVE FOR! recipe book.

rawmesan cheese.jpg

Crackers, Crusts, Crepes, Dried Foods

Pictures of Crackers, Crusts, Crepes, Dried Foods recipes in the TO LIVE FOR! recipe book.

Taco / tortilla shells


Pictures of Salad recipes in the TO LIVE FOR! recipe book.

Salad, pumpkin seed pesto

Main, Side Dishes

Pictures of Main, Side Dish recipes in the TO LIVE FOR! recipe book.

Coconut poppy seed spring rolls