What To Bring

Attire – An hour’s drive from the coast into the Tinamaste mountains at an elevation of 1800 ft., temperatures hover in the 80’s in day, hottest = low 90’s (32C) during dry season from January to April, and perfect sleeping weather year round = upper 60’s to 70’s (21C) at night, about 10F (12C) degrees cooler than the beach. Day attire is light, night time brings desire for a sweater, jacket, and long pants.

Footwear – Its very healthy and relatively safe on most groomed trails here to go barefoot. However if you’re used to footwear, something with knobby treads is essential because of hills and slippery rocks. Visitors have kindly donated theirs to use when they return and share with others.

Repellants – Biting bugs at night are less numerous here because there’s a balanced eco-system, as 99% of mosquitos get eaten before they ever become flying adults. Use of natural bug repellant is minimal being less attractive to biting insects from a relatively alkaline diet and loving attitude. But if you’ve created an acidic body from eating animal products, sugars, breads, and worry a lot, you’re more of a target.

WHAT TO BRING: Essentials for all interns or guests

  • If you are NOT renting a tent and bedding from here, then bring your own tent with a floor area no more than 2.5m x 3m. Anything larger must be pre-approved. Bedding: Sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, inflatable or other mattress. Tents can be purchased in San Isidro but selection is poor. Bringing your own is best. We also welcome donations of used tents in good shape.
  • Long sleeve clothing, or light for nighttime comfort
  • Headlamp and/or rechargeable flashlight (mandatory)
  • Change of clothes for 7 days if staying longer. Fee is $5 per washload with natural laundry soap
  • Water bottle
  • Sun protection: Long light pants and shirts, wide brim breathable hat, bandana, non-toxic sun block
  • (April to December) Rain protection: compact umbrella, light rain jacket with hood (hard to work in ponchos)
  • Natural bug repellant or essential oil blend, DEET is prohibited.
  • Bathing suit, towel
  • Hiking shoes, strap sandals, or athletic shoes with deep sole nobs for working or hiking. Beach thongs are unsafe on hills and slippery walks.
  • (Interns during April to December) Pair if over-calf rubber boots – use our donated ones if we have your size, or you buy a pair in San Isidro at the Cinqo Menos store for about $8.
  • (April to December) Soccer length socks for the rubber boots
  • Enough cash for incidentals, transportation to events, etc.
  • Backpack(s) to haul everything, suitcases or tote bags are not advisable
  • Small water bottle
  • Laptop or smart phone. In order to reduce electro-pollution, we now require all overnight visitors with a WIFI device to bring a shielded ethernet cable of 25ft with the necessary adapters if you want to connect to our WIFI router. Otherwise you can obtain a SIM card for your smart phone or computer with service at ICE KOLBI (only available service) sellers to have your own connection.
  • Portable chargers or rechargeable batteries for your devices.
  • Women – you must bring 1-2 rolls biodegradable toilet paper for in-woods living (fruit trees love our urine, too)
  • 1 Pair light duty work gloves
  • Natural liquid laundry soap, small bottle to last 2 loads/month
  • Natural bar soap
  • Bandaids and first aid remedies of your choice such as Rescue Remedy, tea tree oil, bee propylis, echinacea.
  • (Staying more than 2 weeks?) Non-perishable foods suggested below



We may ask if you would be willing to bring a small amount of hard-to-find organic foods for the community which La Joya del Sol will reimburse you for, or you may donate to use in recipes during your stay. Personal items will be placed in an air-tight container just for you.

Suggested list of non-perishable foods for extra calories, snacks and to keep fees low:

Organic Raw walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, or brazil nuts

Organic Raw Sunflower Seeds

Organic Mung Beans, Chickpeas (in a sealed package is best to go through security)

Sprouting seed mix

Golden Flax seeds for grinding into meal and cracker-making

Organic Raw Pumpkin seeds

Your favorite herbal teas for sun-tea making

Organic Dried tomatoes

Organic goji berries, blueberries, apricots or mulberries

Organic Raw Nut Butter or tahini, no roasted or salted permitted

Coconut oil

Do not bring cereal grains or flours, but seed meals are ok such as hemp.

Travel with each food item double-wrapped in 2 high quality zip-lock or sealed bags. Rough handling with airlines may accidentally open the package and ants will love to lap up the crumbs. There are glass jars for sprouting and storage at the farm.


WHAT NOT TO BRING out of respect for health and growth of conscious living:


Smoking products

Recreational Drugs

Processed Foods or confectioneries of any kind, like cookies, candy, sodas, salt, soy sauce, sugar

Non-naturally derived personal care products such as soaps, deodorants

Strong perfumes, (essential oils are very ok)

Meats, fish or dairy products

Please take this opportunity to find sanctuary from the toxicity of modern life, to live closely to nature and be respectful to our pristine environment and to your own beautiful body.