Permaculture/Raw Food/Bio-Architecture Experiential Participation

Jane/Dave and sign

Interns Janet and Dave painted this beautiful sign as part of their participation.

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Intern and Guest Living

Interns and guests from all over the world experiencing life at La Joya del Sol in various activities and projects.

Join our evolving permaculture farm for a unique eco-experience in an optimal healthy, tropical environment. For the period of your participation, your personal goals are integrated with shared goals to foster a rewarding and co-creative experience for all.

Imagine going to sleep to the tranquil symphony of crickets, night birds, and mating frogs under a milky way starry night. Wake up naturally to the circadian rhythm of sun and moon with the sound of birds and monkeys.

Work begins at 6 am a little after sunrise when it’s cooler (and more sunny in rainy season), leaving afternoons for personal activities. Getting into the natural ways  is refreshing and great for your body, mind, and spirit. Personal activities can include walks to our waterfalls and pools, rainforest hikes, social gatherings, or day trips (with gas share) to nearby breathtaking local natural sites like Nauyaca falls, Diamante falls, or a quiet Pacific beach as time off permits.

For those who want to use their experience for maximum body building and health, work here can be more physically challenging. We look at co-creating, tending and building as a natural and essential activity of a healthy, meaningful life contributing to the betterment of self, Man, and Earth.

You may also have the opportunity to work with our beloved Tico hired-help Ramiro and his son Gregory, whose creativity, gorilla strength and local understanding of the land and its people will make a big impression.  Working with Eric Rivkin is a delight as his problem-solving and design skills and creative mind achieve beautiful “Eco-Chic” solutions to anything that needs to be built on the farm.


A Unique Raw Food Experience
Today, the food we eat is nearly 100% local and organic, yet we aim for 95-100% fresh from our own farm, eating what we grow and forage, and allow 5% cooked for necessary nutrients from plant foods you cannot eat raw. There’s a farmers market in Tinamastes on Tuesday and in San Isidro on Thursday where we buy food we don’t grow ourselves, meet people and do errands. Together we  prepare gourmet or simple raw recipes that will often blow your mind as to what is possible with raw and wild tropical food.  We aim to provide you with as much as you need to sustain your energy levels and we offer an abundance of fresh fruit and greens while meals are prepared together.  We  make things like sun teas, sprout beans, sun-dried cacao, and sprouted hummus, all without cooking.  And we pride ourselves on being low fat, free of oil, salt, sugar, gluten, honey too. You’ll need to be OK with a 100% plant-based diet during your stay.  There’s usually a monthly Community Days at the Diamante Center with a vegan pot luck, free talks, yoga, waterfall hikes, music and lots of like-minded company.

Minimum stay for Participants is 30 Days at $400 per month. 

  • Daily basic raw meals and fresh fruit snacks. Dehydrated snacks are available at a nominal cost. Bring your own nuts and seeds, dried fruit for extra calories, and personal teas for sun-tea making. We have only a healthy plant-based diet – whole, raw (or cooked sometimes), local, organic, wild, fresh plant foods. To conserve energy and encourage 100% plant foods, we offer minimal, but healthy vegan cooking.  No cheap rice and bean meals here! Need tea? Sun-brewed is delicious.
  • A sheltered and raised bamboo tent platform, camping style tent, mattress, sheets, blanket. Please bring your own towel. (you may bring your own tent, bedding, mattress)
  • Learning experiences with making healthy, plant-based mainly raw recipes, permaculture farm lifestyle, gardening, eco-building, furniture or internet projects


Participants work a 30 hour week, beginning at 6 am for a 6 hour day, which includes the main projects as well as regular household and farm chores. Tuesdays and Thursdays are full days off because they are market days, but can be traded with prior authorization. Mealtime prep and cleanup is not included in the 30 hours because we all eat anyway and is the time you gain hands-on raw cuisine education. After lunchtime is open for personal activities, dinner resumes at 5:30pm.  Participants are responsible for keeping honest track of their hours.  

Laundry machine service with bio-degradable non-allergenic soap is available for $5 per complete load, $3 if the load is shared. The solar clothes dryer is open to use for everyone.

For pre-arranged excursions on personal time, arrange with Eric for reservations and/or transportation. Connect to local buses, taxis, and neighbors with tours to Diamante Falls, Nauyaca Falls, Manuel Antonio Park, Pacific beaches, and on-going community activities as time allows.  We cannot always offer transportation with our farm car, but when you do share the ride, there is a nominal gas share charge starting at $2 per person depending on distance, e.g. a rides to San Isidro is $4 round trip.

If a Participant wishes to dedicate time afterwards to do a cleanse, detox, juice or water fast for extended periods beyond their days off,  you would be put on Guest Rate for those personal days.  If a participant needs genuine “sick leave”, the hours must either be made up or you are put on Guest Rates for the non-participating days.


Participants are accepted via our application process on the basis of general good health, positive and enthusiastic attitude, skills and fitness as applicable and a deep sense of gratitude for life and nature.  Our policies are flexible upon application in consideration of  advanced badass skills. Upon inquiry, please email Eric at and ask for a current application form.  A Skype call is necessary after reviewing the application to touch base and answer questions, as part of the interview process, and solidify travel plans.



A 25% USD non-refundable deposit via Paypal to will secure your reservation for internship. You are responsible to pay their 4% service fee.

The balance of the full reservation is due upon arrival either in USD or Colones because cash is more useful here, and is very safe to bring if you come directly to the farm from the airport. Sorry, we cannot take credit cards. Extended stays, conversions to guest rates or long term residency can be negotiated mutually.

There are strictly no refunds after full payment is made, for any reason. If you quit your participation program before its scheduled end date, you may either donate the unused portion or use it towards future accommodations such as being a guest or participant at a later date, or towards event fees, or products made and sold by LJDS.

There are no “sick” days given, and any days taken as a “sick” day must be made up by trading your Tuesday or Thursday personal time, or adding days.

Incidental expenses such as ride sharing, excursions, or product sales are paid the day they are incurred.

LJDS has a policy of “zero tolerance” of no drugs, alcohol, smoking, or any actions that deliberately harm or disrespect personal peace, health, property, or the environment. If violated, it could result in expulsion with no refund.


For information What To Bring please visit THIS PAGE.