How to Get Here

AIRLINES You can fly to San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) from almost all major cities of the world. Flying in to Liberia (LIR) is also possible and you can get here easily from either airport. If you arrive in San Jose by 10 am, you can get to La Joya del Sol by 3 pm the same day by bus and taxi, or rental car (see source below), or even helicopter (yes, we have a helicopter pad one hour from San Jose – ask your pilot to call for directions).

Helicopter Approach

OVERNIGHT IN SAN JOSE – (Est. $100 first person, $50 each add. person) If you arrive in San Jose (SJO) after 10 am you have the option to make a reservation to stay overnight, then head to the farm early in the morning. For economy lodging, we recommend Costa Rica Backpackers Hostel. For more comfort, there’s Costa Rica Guesthouse across the street with private rooms and bath. Our reliable taxi driver Carlos can pick you up at the airport and will have your name on a placard when you get out of airport customs. Early the next day, Carlos will take you to the MUSOC bus if that is your way to get here.

DIRECT TAXI – SJO AIRPORT to LA JOYA DEL SOL (Est. $160 van or car) Recommended: Carlos’ taxi can take you directly, anytime, from the airport to La Joya del Sol, arriving about 4 hours after you leave customs. You definitely save money and time with 2 or more people, ride in a comfortable car, or van if you need one, and is a lot less hassle even if you are by yourself. La Joya del Sol will arrange this. Carlos will travel along the scenic beach and mountain highway, stop to see the crocodiles in Matapalo, and fruit / coconut stands.

OVERNIGHT IN QUEPOS  (if you fly to Liberia) If you arrive in Liberia (LIR) you can take a bus to Quepos on the coast, stay overnight at the Quepos Hostel or Vista Serena Hostel 2777-5162 (and enjoy Manuel Antonio Park). There’s a 5:30 am bus that leaves Quepos that goes to San Isidro which can let you off in Tinamastes (pronounced Tea-Namaste) where a taxi or someone from La Joya del Sol can pick you up.

ARRIVAL TIME Please arrive at the farm on any day by 3 pm so there’s enough daylight (sun sets at 5:30) to find the farm and settle in. If you arrive in San Isidro by MUSOC bus on Thursday,  market day, we can coordinate a time to bring you back to the farm before 3 pm, meeting at the big farmer’s market. There is a $4 gas ride share cost each if you ride in on the farm pickup. If you take a direct taxi from San Jose, you may arrive any time.

From San Jose by bus:

STEP 1: Taxi from the airport or your hotel to the MUSOC bus terminal and buy a ticket to the city of San Isidro del General, about $6 USD. Buses run each hour on the half hour from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm. The ride to San Isidro is 3 hours, with 50 minutes more to the farm from the MUSOC terminal there.

STEP 2: Option 1: Once in San Isidro, take a 4WD taxi from San Isidro to the farm (recommendations below – about $40), about 55 minutes away. Show the driver the photo below if you have an unfamiliar driver. Ask the driver to phone me to announce your arrival, driving down to the rancho is not a problem as long as you have 4WD. Option 2:  Take regional bus from San Isidro at the Quepos station (different terminal than MUSOC) to Dominical, and ask the driver to let you off in Tinamastes (pronounced Tea-Namaste).  A local taxi driver mentioned below will be contacted to pick you up at the bus stop, but we need to know the time of your bus ticket.

From San Isidro del General or Dominical by car: About halfway on the paved winding road no. 243 from San Isidro to Dominical, you come to the village of Tinamastes. About 100 meters downhill from the big white church on the south side,  or 100 meters uphill from the pulperia Abastecedor Elizabeth, turn south onto a major gravel road into the Diamante valley. Go through the village of Las Tumbas to the village of San Salvador, about 20 minutes, or 7.1 km.

Sign to La Florida
Turn left here

At the cemetery in San Salvador at the first “T” intersection on the left, you will see the sign above. Turn left to “Camino a La Florida”. La Joya del Sol’s iron brown farm gate is about 2.9 km uphill on the right where the road levels out, with an upright rock next to the public road in this photo:

Entrance Gate and Rock

GPS Co-ordinates at the entrance gate at the public road:
Lat  9.250500,  Long -83.771312  CLICK for MAP

The taxi drivers mentioned below know where it is. You’ll need a 4WD to go on the farm road.  2WD is sufficient for the public road only up to the farm gate. If you need, someone will come get you at the public road if you don’t have 4WD. If the gate is locked, call when you arrive and someone will let you in.  Please close the latch on the gate going in or out.

TAXI TO THE FARM Here’s the recommended San Isidro taxis with 4WD that know where La Joya del Sol is. If you must use a different driver, show the photo and mention the entrance is up the public road on the right toward the village of La Florida. Fare from San Isidro or Dominical to LJDS is currently 20,000 to 28,000 Colones  ($40 – 56). You (or the taxi driver) can call ahead when you get your MUSOC bus ticket in San Jose and the other taxi will meet you at the terminal in San Isidro. They can also pick you up with your provisions from the farmers market, or the farm, or take you to an ATM if you need cash.

Ramiro  – cell 8349-5477 (based in San Salvador, goes to San Isidro, Dominical)

Gilbert   – cell 8661-4201 (based in San Isidro, goes to San Isidro)

Raffa   – cell 8606-2060, home 2787-0753 (based in Las Tumbas, goes to San Isidro, Dominical)

Ricardo  – cell 8605-0801 (based in Dominical, goes to farm, Quepos, Uvita)

Robert  – cell 8740-9974 (based in Dominical, goes to farm, Quepos, Uvita)

Carlos  – cell 8743-9441 (based in San Jose, goes directly to LJDS (4 hrs), & around San Jose)

CAR RENTAL A 4 x 4 is essential to come to this farm and tour the mountainous regions of Costa Rica, especially if you’re looking for land or want to tour the most beautiful parts of the countryside on your own. A few companies are recommended such as

LOCAL TRAVEL If you want to go into San Isidro (or on beach excursions) from the farm to buy things or do internet, it’s personal time and I may have room in my pickup for 2000 colones each way, a lot less than the cost of a taxi. Most people would rather stay and enjoy the farm, socialize with other guests, or spend quality time by themselves.


Click here for a map from Tinamastes to La Joya Del Sol

Click here for a map from San Isidro to La Joya Del Sol

When you leave Costa Rica, if you leave San Isidro on the MUSOC bus by 6:30 am, you should be able to make a 2 pm flight or later the same day, and not have to stay overnight in San Jose.