Living Community

Simply Living, Loving Life at Jewel of the Sun (La Joya del Sol)

A Living Foods Permaculture Community forming in the South Pacific Mountains of Costa Rica.

La Joya del Sol (Jewel of the Sun) is forming as nature-inspired, intentional community nestled in 67 hectares in Costa Rica’s south Pacific coastal mountains. Its lush tropical rainforests, clean waterfalls and pools, and breathtaking mountain scenery an hour from beautiful beaches, is designed to attract conscientious people looking to live fully and reconnect to divine nature.

Here exists a creative living laboratory to discover the possibilities and  develop a more sustainable way of life through permaculture-based design and land use. We are 100%  off – grid with micro hydro and welcome use of alternative energies, and utilize both natural spring water on site and abundant rainwater. Organic gardens and over 700 fruit trees provide an ever-increasing amount of food. Structures here use natural materials like bamboo and local sustainable woods in non-toxic “Eco-Chic” architecture that blends with the tropical surroundings in elegant, functional style.

Our region of Costa Rica is very biologically diverse and you can expect to see an abundance of animals, birds and unusual insects during your stay. 

We provide simple, comfortable accommodations in elevated and sheltered bamboo tent platforms, weekly free yoga classes at a neighboring yoga studio, and healthy raw vegan meals each day. Life here can be a communal experience, or take as much time to yourself as you like. We support a hermitage retreat.

The intention is to co-create a community of diverse people – living, working, and playing in a paradise of the world. Come stay from a few days to months and enjoy the Pura Vida!

Mission of La Joya del Sol (Jewel of the Sun)
To work together to co-create a tropical community sanctuary for residents and guests to heal, to help reclaim our true essence and connection to Creator and Nature, and to return to Earth the era of peace and awareness. The need is greater now than ever before for a sustainable haven where the intimate pureness of nature can rejuvenate our bodies, move us emotionally, touch the very core of our souls, and fill us with tremendous inspiration – as we reveal the enormous creative power within ourselves.

– Chef ERic Rivkin

In the drop down menus here,  you’ll find useful information for travel and to make your visit as pleasurable and meaningful as possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email, Skype, or call us for more info.