What people are saying about La Joya del Sol….

It was an amazing day when Jairek Robbins, son of Tony Robbins, drops into La Joya del Sol with lovely friend Valerie Ulgrinow by helicopter! The amazing time they had in just three days at this tropical playground leaves one very inspired at how good life can be lived, con gusto!

A must-see for every raw foodist or nature-lover going to Costa Rica! Stay here to jumpstart vibrant health and a new connection to our mother earth.

– Rachel Rose, MD

Stupendous views! Amazing food! Thanks for your generosity and looking forward to seeing this dream grow.

– Fred Patenaude

Sleeping in the tent was a lot more pleasant than I thought it was going to be. Each night we went to bed about an hour or so after sunset and always woke within an hour of the sun rising. Being in synch with our circadian clock was so refreshing. While in slumber we could often hear the howler monkeys calling, the toads, insects and various bird songs.

– Jamie Abrams, yoga teacher



Interested in raw foods, farming, and environmentalism we searched for an experience that would challenge us mentally, physically, and emotionally. How fortunate we were to find you. Living at La Joya del Sol has provided us with just the kind of challenge we were seeking. Thank you so much for your hospitality. You’ve been a great teacher, chef, host. Your passion inspires us all.

– The Levinsons

One of the best things about Joya Del Sol is the complete immersion into nature. I walk barefoot throughout the entire property, and sleep on a bamboo tent platform overlooking a breathtaking valley. Joya Del Sol is neighbor to an 8,000 acre nature reserve, and even Eric himself hasn’t seen all 180 rainforest acres here. Other visitors asked if I am frightened to walk alone to my tent in the dark. What I have learned from living here in nature in the last several weeks… I can honestly say I feel good never being “indoors,” and that there is nothing in nature that seeks to harm me.

– Rianna Koppel

Never in my life have I seen or eaten such beautiful, healthy, amazing raw food than at Jewel of the Sun. Eric is an innovative master of raw food cuisine. It’s been a privilege to learn from him, as well as enjoy meals together at his hand-made table overlooking the Costa Rican tropical paradise. I’ve been given an amazing education in tropical foods, wild edibles, and gourmet raw food prep, not to mention community living, carpentry, gardening and more. – Rianna Koppel



Wonderful night under the stars.

– K. Xenakis, LMT

Raw food + Costa Rica = Paradise! Very inspiring, relaxing and peaceful environment. Gracias y pura vida!

– K. Ianesco

Fantastic land and vibe here, I love it.

– J. & S. Bogdanavich

Gracias por todo, for your friendship, kindness, wealth of information and for sharing so freely.

– F. Mortenson

Interested in raw foods, farming, and environmental responsibility, we searched for an experience that would challenge us mentally, physically, and emotionally. How fortunate we were to find you and your knowledge, kindness and hospitality. Living at La Joya del Sol for 2 weeks has provided us with just the kind of challenge we were seeking. We’ve learned a tremendous amount about raw foods, farming and simple living in harmony with nature. We are extremely grateful for the education on healthy living. In all of our life journeys, we will carry your teachings in continuing to learn how to be the best stewards of the Earth. An ancient Jewish wisdom says, “It is not up to you to complete the work but neither are you free to desist from it.

Shalom, Judah, Ben and Aliza Levinson

On behalf of Carver County Public Health and Lutheran Social Service, I would like to extend our most sincere thanks for your assistance with the Healthy Living Education Series for Seniors “Radiant Health” seminars. You did such a great job at all the sites Eric, and I am sure all the seniors benefited from your presentation. They asked many good questions and received very helpful information from you! The samples of food you prepared were both delicious and nutritious! Your service to the carver County community is greatly appreciated! I hope we can work together again in the future!  Sincerely,

– Jane Peterson, Health Educator, Lutheran Social Service

Anyone who wants their health back to optimum should take some raw food classes from Eric. I have taken several and have had my health swiftly returning, deliciously!

– Monica Falls

I, too, have heard from lots of people who read about you. I have passed your name on to a number of people interested in trying out more healthy ways of eating, whether they want to go all raw or just incorporate it into their diets.

Unsie Z., Reporter

I was surprised initially when I signed up for your rawfood class at Lakewinds. But it opened my eyes to a new way of eating and viewing food. Thanks.

– Alice F.

Thank you, your servitude is vitally important and you are saving lives! Be blessed in all good that you do!

– Kristine C.