Mission – Viva La Raw Project

The Mission of the Viva La Raw Project at La Joya del Sol is dedicated to raise awareness, provide education and teach skills to anyone concerning an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just, health-giving, tropical food lifestyle. The Project supports scientific research, initiatives, and organizations that significantly increase quality of life, nutrition, healing of earth, air, and water, and ethical treatment of animals embodied by this lifestyle.

Come and co-create this piece of Eden.

BE the jewel of the sun of HEALTH and VITALITY you wish to be.


Participant Program

A Participant Program (formerly Internship) is open for any eager and able individuals wishing to learn the aspects of a back-to-nature lifestyle and help the Viva La Raw Project meet its mission. You’ll have daily participation of up to 30 hours per week in various projects that include raw plant-based cuisine, wild food cultivation, permaculture, rainforest reforestation, rebuilding native fauna populations, natural fitness and bodycare, bio-architecture, sustainable building with bamboo and other natural materials, tropical gardening, natural/edible landscaping, water collection and distribution, off-grid power, and conscientious (sustainable) business spawning. Experiences are tailored opportunities to raise your health, healing power, spirit, connection to nature, artistic expression, and conscious personal growth.

More information available on request (contact here)


Healthy Vacations

There’s already been many health-seeking visitors from all over the world looking for a truly natural experience vacation, like these 2 Swedish couples that raw food author Fred Patenaude brought with his tropical lifestyles tour. Several notable and conscientious artists, authors, musicians, raw food chefs, healers, yoga teachers, and celebrities, have come here to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect from dozens of countries. Feel how healthy and vibrant it is to fully immerse in a rejuvenating, natural environment. Experience the feelings of joy and divine connection to nature at its best, for as long as you like.

Roughing it in a Rainforest

For both guests and participants, there’s 6 canopied bamboo tent platforms, and one family standup tent that sleeps 4, and economical open orchard camping. You may bring your own tents, towel, or bedding or we can provide 2 person tents with the bedding, Permanent eco-casitas are planned for construction.



A window to the world is open… Talk on Skype and email at the communal Rancho with your smart phone, iPad, or computer wifi.  If you want local CR cell phone or computer service anywhere, including remotely from your own tent, you can get an inexpensive SIM chips and service packages at any local ICE office.  There’s also faster local internet cafes in Tinamastes, San Isidro and Dominical.


All guests are welcome to bring their yoga mats and practice in a variety of beautiful spots.  Yoga teachers who reside in the local area may be conducting classes.

Wild Animals and Pets

A rare Trogon

The surrounding rainforest is blessed with an abundance of wild creatures, many returning after not being seen for over 30 years because of restoration efforts of private landowners such as the adjacent 8000 acre Boracayan preserve. Everyone has enjoyed seeing howler and white-faced monkeys, kinkajous, jaguarundis, pasotes, anteaters, racoons, lizards, giant toads, red trogons, parrakeets, kites, hawks, blue and red tanagers, and an endangered spotted jaguar, to name a few.

In our mission to preserve and restore native species and natural habitats, imported domestics such as cats, dogs, cows and horses, etc., should have a minimal presence. Reforestation and permaculture can replace non-native grass and soil disturbance by grazing animals, and hunting by cats of songbirds will be reduced to help their numbers grow, but they do keep down rodents. Dogs are okay for security and companionship, but must be trained or bred not to chase or eat small animals. There’s lots of pasture for a few horses.


Rejuvenating natural  hydro-massage

La Joya del Sol is blessed to be at the top of the watershed with natural spring potable water for drinking, washing, swimming, and irrigating. It’s tested regularly for total dissolved solids (TDS) which reads an average of 35-95 ppm (parts/million) at regular flow, an ideal range that is pure and naturally structured. Refill water bottles from the waterfalls, the gravity fed tap.